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How to Encourage Golfers So They Will Remember You

“A professional, well-dressed golfer . . . gives the impression that he thinks that the golf course and the people there are important.” – Lorii Myers

Golf tournaments are not that different from other events. When you give away something of quality that matches your company’s purpose, you leave a lasting positive impression with your audience. When planning a tournament, focus on the impression of importance it will have on the players.

Goal: The primary reason for golf tournament gifts is to improve the event and retain players for next year’s event. Even when you get your gifts donated, if players just throw them away, they have cost you more than you realize.

Successful Golf Gifts

  • Choose Golf Gifts over Non-Golf Gifts – Put something in the goody bag that they will actually use when golfing and will remind them each time they use it while playing.
  • Choose Subtle Logos over Large Logos – If you want players to wear an item, use subtle logos. Golfers want small logos or no logo at all, so keep it subtle.
  • Choose 2 or 3 Small Prizes over 1 Big Item – If you give one large gift, it is highly likely that you will miss many of the participants. Have several smaller, quality items.

Suggestions for a Positive Impact:

  • Make it a kit! No setups, multiple logos, and multiple products. Under $10, Shoe Tote Golf Kit, or talk to us about creating your own.
  • Embroidered cap with the golf course logo on the front and the event name on the back or side.
  • Golf glove with the event name on the patch.
  • Microfiber pocket towel with your logo embroidered in the corner.
  • Ball markers with a simple logo.

Whether it is a golf tournament or a marketing product for your business, the basic principles are the same.  Know your audience, understand what is important to them, and match the product to your event.

Connections Promotional Products
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Don’t Collect Dust! Invest Wisely in Your Promotional Products

When I first started this company almost ten years ago, I was referred to a conservative CPA firm. The managing partner was “doing me a favor” by talking with me. During the course of our conversation, I asked questions about how they had used branded products in the past and how they use products now. He told me they had coffee mugs they used when clients came into the office.  He soon became frustrated with the discussion, saying, “This is a waste of money!” I asked what made him think that? He leaned up in his chair and told me that he had a closet full of mugs that he has had for years.

This valuable insight into perceptions of branded promotional items has stuck with me. Using branded promotional products and embroidered uniform apparel is an extension of your company image. Your company is perceived as it is consistently seen through your marketing efforts. The quality, type, and usability of these products are extremely important.

A successful marketing program using branded promotional items has these components.

  1. Products are matched to the event and people who will be attending.
  2. One size does not fit all! Would you give a referral source that sends you thousands of dollars of business a year, the same $.33 pen that you pass out in mass giveaways?
  3. Products need to be thought through with retention in mind. If they are valued and usable, they will be kept longer and will generate conversation.
  4. Track your marketing to see what is working.

Probably the most important key to a successful marketing plan using branded products is to work with an expert in the industry who will take the time to learn about your company, its needs and challenges, and work alongside you to match the right product to your marketing plan. Branded promotional products and apparel are a large part of many marketing plans.  Invest in them wisely.


Connections Promotional Products
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Business Spotlight: Marie King/Keller Williams Realtor “Connecting Chattanooga”

Marie King

Our Business Spotlight for May 2019 focuses on Marie King/Keller Williams Realtor.  Marie is a local businesswoman who not only has a passion for Chattanooga but has a passion for service.  Recently when a friend asked Marie how she was, the answer that came out was “living my best life ever!”

Marie loves what she does – serving others. Her favorite title is “MOM.” Rachel and Nathan are the reason.

Marie believes that giving back to the Chattanooga community is important. She has served with the Chattanooga area Chamber of Commerce on the Southside board for six years and will be president of that council in July 2019. In addition to being a Chattanooga Leadership alum and TN Realtors’ Leadership grad, she also has the privilege of currently serving as a coach and trainer of other local realtors. Marie attends Calvary Chapel Chattanooga, where she has had the honor of being a part of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program twice a year for the past seven years.

As a business professional, Marie has grown her nineteen-year career as a Chattanooga realtor with repeat and referred clients. Her marketing strategy includes networking and treating whomever she meets as she would like to be treated.  She works with both buyers and sellers, relying on making a good impression and leaving something with her customers that is functional and that lets them know she cares. Marie commented that she has relied on branding and marketing to those same people to assure they will think of me when they have a real estate need. Probably the most versatile branded product that she uses is a reusable shopping tote.  Her customers love it!

Looking for a home?  Give Marie King a call.  Need functional branded marketing products that will make you stand out from the crowd?  Contact us at:

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Your Audience Is Outdoors, Your Brand Should Be Too!

May is National Bike Month, and with 48% of Americans likely to do something outdoors this summer, your branded promotional products could reach a wide, active audience. Increase your company’s visibility to potential outdoor customers with a strategy that includes active-use products.

According to a 2016 survey:

  • Young people (6-24) favor running, jogging, trail running, bicycling, skateboarding, surfing, and birdwatching. These are good activities for an aluminum bottle with carabiner carrying your message.
  • The adult sector (25+ years old) favors running and jogging, fishing, bicycling, hiking, and camping. They would welcome a multi-use safety product like this compass, whistle, and thermometer combo.
  • Over the past 3 years, four outdoor activities have seen 20% growth or more: adventure racing, non-traditional/off-road triathlon, stand-up paddling, and kayak fishing. Think of how people would appreciate a water resistant dry bag to hold their phone or other handy items.

Outdoor enthusiasts tend to form exercise habits they can stick to, and their activities account for millions of dollars of practical promotional items, not only in the summer but also in fall and winter months too. So, business owners, pay close attention to not only the activities of your target audience, but also their demographics to make decisions on your marketing plans. Give us a call to bounce off some ideas, 423-364-7343, or email

Business Spotlight: Lift Media Group can be “Your Communications Department”

Our business spotlight for April is Lift Media Group.

Wish you had your own communications department? You can with Lift Media Group! They pride themselves in being “Your Communications Department” to the growing family of clients. Business owners and top organizational leaders may feel overwhelmed by their own marketing efforts and are running low on time, support, or expertise. The Lift Media team hear concerns like, “If I just had more time …” or “There’s just so much to be done and so few of us …” or “Why aren’t I seeing the results I want?”

Lift Media Group works to remove common barriers to successful marketing by providing the gift of time, support and expertise to their clients through the form of a new team member. In fact, as their communications department, Lift Media strives to become the most trusted team member of every organization they serve. Marketing, public relations, and advertising tend to be one of the best time-multipliers for businesses and organizations because it frees managers and leaders to do what they’re best at by allowing an experienced, cross-trained team to tackle problems clearly, effectively, and efficiently.

For their promotional events we helped Lift Media Group create a Lift Media Group promotional mugs, headphones standing retractable banner and branded table cloth that communicate their purpose and services. As special leave-behind gifts, they chose these popular folding headphones with microphone and one of the many ceramic mug styles we offer, promoting their services well beyond the initial conversation.

Lift Media Group specializes in digital and traditional marketing services such as social media content and advertising; website design, content writing and management; and marketing strategy, as well as public relations services like press release development, dissemination, and strategy. They take a different approach from many agencies because they see themselves as an extended member of your team, supporting the specific needs of your specific team members. This advantage is not always possible with many “outside” marketing agencies that only offer cookie-cutter services. That means that they value a relationship with their clients because they want to know what is most important to them as business owners and leaders. They have a transparent analytics process so that they align efforts with results and optimize work for maximum return on investment. Their nimble team is best at serving medium-sized businesses and growing organizations that need added bandwidth and expertise.

If marketing frustrations are real in your world, would it make sense to talk to Lift Media Group? Reach out to them at Working with them has been a delight; we’d love to work with you as well – or 423-364-7343.

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When Your Stylus Stops Working, What Are Your Options?

We love to work for customers facing any marketing challenge! If you find you need a new stylus, here are some options that will be around for a long time.

  • For everyday events we suggest an affordable option with the quality you should expect: the Archer2Stylus Pen.
  • When thinking about a leave-behind item for potential or new customers, take a look this quality pen that people will keep: the iWrite.
  • Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to your loyal customers with the Zebra ZGrip Max Retractable.

So when your stylus just stops working, we can help. Call us at 423-364-7343 or email


A greener approach to business

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2019!

Are you and your business working toward a greener approach to business? Browse these product ideas:

  • Recycling is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of eco-friendly marketing approaches. This Eco Stowaway Sticky Jotter uses recycled cardboard for its paper, sticky tabs, and pen. Or if you wanted only pens, consider these colorful WideBody® pens made from mostly recycled plastic.
  • Sustainable materials fit the bill for eco-friendliness and make subtle sense when taking a green approach to marketing your business. Cork coasters come in many shapes to help set your message apart. Your customers or clients will use them repeatedly, which is another boost to the environment, making products like these sturdy, BPA-free, US-made, reusable water bottles a strong choice as well.
  • Products that are made locally potentially use fewer resources and transportation emissions to get to you, like this organic lip balm.

With Earth Day coming Monday, April 22, share the responsible side of your company’s services by using eco-friendly promotional products like these. Call us to discuss how sustainable promotional products could further your marketing goals.

423-364-7343 or

City Café and Diner

Business Spotlight: City Café and Diner

Our business spotlight for March is City Café and Diner.

City Café and Diner is Chattanooga’s answer to a classic diner. They have three locations to serve you: Downtown Chattanooga, Lee Highway, and Cleveland. At their downtown location, step back in time to the 50’s era diner with over 450 menu items that you won’t soon forget. Want to take a piece of Chattanooga back home with you? Choose from a number of souvenir items to take with you, ranging from branded stainless-steel tumblers to playing cards that highlight their world-class desserts.

Check out the Lee Hwy and Cleveland locations for the same wonderful food and hospitality. With desserts ranging from cheesecake, cakes, pies and pastries that include baklava, cannoli, and more, you just have to take a piece home! City Café and Diner knows how to brand their restaurant with specialty foods.

City Café and Diner not only knows their food, but they also know the value of brand recognition. Connections Promotional Products can help you carry your brand forward using branded marketing products and apparel. We are proud to work alongside City Café and Diner in their marketing efforts and would be happy to talk with you.

City Cafe shirt back

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ROR - Return on relationships

You Know ROI. Now Are You Tracking Your Business’ ROR?

If you’re anything like me, calculating the ROI of a project is an exciting thing. Figures like ROI are comforting to business owners because they draw a direct line to what’s working and help you to shift away from strategies and tactics that are lagging behind. In a world that often lacks definite answers, specific figures like this are incredibly valuable when they are available.

The challenge? They’re not always available or the figures are messy. What do you do when campaigns overlap or when multiple channels contributed to the success of a campaign? The answer isn’t to throw your hands up and stop calculating the return on investment of your marketing expenditures. That would be like a football coach eschewing statistics because he’s not sure exactly what led to touchdowns! However, modern marketing requires a shift of thinking from a direct return on investment to a better encompassing statistic that we like to call “Return on Relationships.”

Regularly, wise business owners should review the key relationships that have led to the progress of their business. These figures will often rely on your wisdom, but we find it valuable to tie monetary figures to how your time, energy, and investments paid off for you. Considering your Return on Relationships figure can do three things for your business:

  1. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
    When you begin to see how others contributed to your success, you’ll gain a better appreciation that you don’t tread the road of success on your own. Being grateful to others doesn’t minimize your efforts or take away from your hard work—it helps you keep a better perspective!
  2. Maximize Valuable Relationships
    When was the last time you took time to say thank you to the people who have made a difference in your life as a leader of your business? The value that can come from a simple (handwritten!) thank you note can be exponential when it comes to letting mentors, clients, and others know what they’ve meant to you.
  3. Encourage the Cultivation of New Relationships
    When you’re in the thick of the day-to-day of running a business, it can become very easy to forget about the forest because of the trees. In other words, you forget to prospect and plan for the future because of the day-to-day stresses. When you pause to consider how previous relationships have been valuable to you, you’ll encourage yourself to get out there and cultivate new ones!

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