When Your Stylus Stops Working, What Are Your Options?

We love to work for customers facing any marketing challenge! If you find you need a new stylus, here are some options that will be around for a long time.

  • For everyday events we suggest an affordable option with the quality you should expect: the Archer2Stylus Pen.
  • When thinking about a leave-behind item for potential or new customers, take a look this quality pen that people will keep: the iWrite.
  • Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to your loyal customers with the Zebra ZGrip Max Retractable.

So when your stylus just stops working, we can help. Call us at 423-364-7343 or email kay@cppproducts.com.


A greener approach to business

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2019!

Are you and your business working toward a greener approach to business? Browse these product ideas:

  • Recycling is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of eco-friendly marketing approaches. This Eco Stowaway Sticky Jotter uses recycled cardboard for its paper, sticky tabs, and pen. Or if you wanted only pens, consider these colorful WideBody® pens made from mostly recycled plastic.
  • Sustainable materials fit the bill for eco-friendliness and make subtle sense when taking a green approach to marketing your business. Cork coasters come in many shapes to help set your message apart. Your customers or clients will use them repeatedly, which is another boost to the environment, making products like these sturdy, BPA-free, US-made, reusable water bottles a strong choice as well.
  • Products that are made locally potentially use fewer resources and transportation emissions to get to you, like this organic lip balm.

With Earth Day coming Monday, April 22, share the responsible side of your company’s services by using eco-friendly promotional products like these. Call us to discuss how sustainable promotional products could further your marketing goals.

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City Café and Diner

Business Spotlight: City Café and Diner

Our business spotlight for March is City Café and Diner.

City Café and Diner is Chattanooga’s answer to a classic diner. They have three locations to serve you: Downtown Chattanooga, Lee Highway, and Cleveland. At their downtown location, step back in time to the 50’s era diner with over 450 menu items that you won’t soon forget. Want to take a piece of Chattanooga back home with you? Choose from a number of souvenir items to take with you, ranging from branded stainless-steel tumblers to playing cards that highlight their world-class desserts.

Check out the Lee Hwy and Cleveland locations for the same wonderful food and hospitality. With desserts ranging from cheesecake, cakes, pies and pastries that include baklava, cannoli, and more, you just have to take a piece home! City Café and Diner knows how to brand their restaurant with specialty foods.

City Café and Diner not only knows their food, but they also know the value of brand recognition. Connections Promotional Products can help you carry your brand forward using branded marketing products and apparel. We are proud to work alongside City Café and Diner in their marketing efforts and would be happy to talk with you.

City Cafe shirt back

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Your Branded Strategy

ROR - Return on relationships

You Know ROI. Now Are You Tracking Your Business’ ROR?

If you’re anything like me, calculating the ROI of a project is an exciting thing. Figures like ROI are comforting to business owners because they draw a direct line to what’s working and help you to shift away from strategies and tactics that are lagging behind. In a world that often lacks definite answers, specific figures like this are incredibly valuable when they are available.

The challenge? They’re not always available or the figures are messy. What do you do when campaigns overlap or when multiple channels contributed to the success of a campaign? The answer isn’t to throw your hands up and stop calculating the return on investment of your marketing expenditures. That would be like a football coach eschewing statistics because he’s not sure exactly what led to touchdowns! However, modern marketing requires a shift of thinking from a direct return on investment to a better encompassing statistic that we like to call “Return on Relationships.”

Regularly, wise business owners should review the key relationships that have led to the progress of their business. These figures will often rely on your wisdom, but we find it valuable to tie monetary figures to how your time, energy, and investments paid off for you. Considering your Return on Relationships figure can do three things for your business:

  1. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
    When you begin to see how others contributed to your success, you’ll gain a better appreciation that you don’t tread the road of success on your own. Being grateful to others doesn’t minimize your efforts or take away from your hard work—it helps you keep a better perspective!
  2. Maximize Valuable Relationships
    When was the last time you took time to say thank you to the people who have made a difference in your life as a leader of your business? The value that can come from a simple (handwritten!) thank you note can be exponential when it comes to letting mentors, clients, and others know what they’ve meant to you.
  3. Encourage the Cultivation of New Relationships
    When you’re in the thick of the day-to-day of running a business, it can become very easy to forget about the forest because of the trees. In other words, you forget to prospect and plan for the future because of the day-to-day stresses. When you pause to consider how previous relationships have been valuable to you, you’ll encourage yourself to get out there and cultivate new ones!

423-364-7343 or kay@cppproducts.com

You’ll Never Guess What Percentage of Customers Buy Because You’re Green

A Third of Your Market May Respond to Your Sustainable Practices

The market has produced an ever-increasing number of sustainability-minded products in the past decade. From electric vehicles, to recyclable packaging, to marketing materials like these, brands have begun to react to the societal pressure to produce products that are less harmful to the environment.

However, did you know that data shows that your consumers might even be willing to pay more for your services than they have in the past if you focus on sustainability? With Earth Day just around the corner on April 22, it might be time to consider kicking off communicating your company’s sustainable business practices to your customers through your marketing products.

In 2017, Unilever released a study that showed that one out of every three consumers are now buying from brands solely based on their social and environmental impact. Think about that for a second. If you’re not properly communicating the efforts your company is making to be more environmentally-friendly, you could be missing out on a third of your target market! Perhaps an even more impactful statistic in this study is that 21% of people say that they would actively choose brands solely if they made their sustainability credentials clearer in their marketing. Simply put, if your brand has done positive things to reduce the impact you make on the environment, consumers are saying that they’d like to know about it!

Marketing products represent an enjoyable, memorable way to communicate these efforts to your clients. We have numerous products, like these stone-bound journals and these seed packet Thank You cards, that could enable you to communicate these efforts to your current and potential customers, potentially sparking a new conversation about the services that your business provides. Remember that the things your company does to make the world a better place, whether it is being involved in your local community or making a positive impact on the environment, matter significantly to your customers. Make sure that they know!

If we can be of any service, please feel free to reach out. Email us at kay@cppproducts.com or call 423-364-7343.

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Internal products at Interactive ID

Business Spotlight: Interactive ID

branded wine tumblerThis month we would like to spotlight a local website design company. Interactive ID, Inc. designs and builds websites for companies and small businesses around the Southeast. They offer SEO services to help clients appear higher in Google search results, as well as providing graphic design, printing, and other marketing support services.

Owner William Wilkinson gives us insight into what drives his company. “In order to do anything in life you have to foster a relationship that allows two people to interact with each other,” he says. “Communication is very key in what we do. It can make or break a website’s success. As we are interacting, we are trying to identify your clients’ needs as well as yours. We consult with your company to not just design a website for your company, but we are also designing a website that speaks to your clients and customers and gets results.”

In-house brand marketing is an important part of their sales process. They have their logo and brand identity featured on illuminated pens, mugs, and stainless steel wine tumblers. These are offered to clients during meetings, conferences and as thank you gifts. Check out Interactive ID for your web marketing and branding needs (888-623-1891).

Are you ready to expand your marketing plan through the use of products and apparel? We are here to help! With nine years of industry experience, we will work with you and your company to find the correct fit for your marketing plan.

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open fridge door with magnets

Branded Products Can Be So Much More Than Swag

Thinking through retention and return on investment

Retention is a commonly used word in marketing to refer to how long customers or advertising products are kept.  It is a measurement of value.  Although many people talk about best practices for the greatest return on investment (ROI), they all agree that the longer a customer or promotional item is kept, the greater your ROI. The investment may be time or material cost. Let me tell you a short story about retention from one of my customers.

A local builder wanted product for the home builders show in our area. This is a big event and a huge commitment, so he wanted something that would tie into his booth theme and be kept by potential consumers. Thousands of these would be given away. He had a small budget for us to find a product that would generate interest in his booth and his business and be kept for months after the show. We chose a magnetic dry erase board, because it enhanced his “Take Note” booth theme.

A couple of years after the show, my customer saw firsthand how retention works.

He told me the story with a smile, saying he had gotten a picture from a heating and air company subcontractor two years after the home builders show. That subcontractor was repairing a central unit in a home when he saw our builder’s magnetic dry erase board on the home’s refrigerator. Two years of advertising for the cost of about $1. That is great retention!

Let us work with you and your marketing plan to maximize your ROI. Email Kay@cppproducts.com or call 423-364-7343.

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“Your Branded Strategy”

Is Your Business Planning for Success, or Leaving It Up to Chance?

Anyone who has ever sat in an inflatable raft in a swimming pool knows that no one ever simply drifts to where they want to go. When you release control of the raft, the pool’s currents take control and move you without your direction. Leadership expert Michael Hyatt explains strategic planning for business owners in a similar way. Businesses rarely happen upon their dream destinations. Far more often, it takes a dedicated plan with concerted steps to achieve the desired results. If there’s power in a plan for your business, shouldn’t the same principle hold true for your marketing? Taking the time to plan your marketing and promotional budget can have a significant payoff for your business.

First, planning your marketing and promotional budget will prevent you from missing important dates on the calendar. As Hyatt frequently tells his audiences, “What gets scheduled, gets done.” Taking the time to pull out your annual calendar and consider when you’ll need certain items will make your events and promotions much smoother and easier to manage.

Second, planning your marketing and promotional budget can enable you to get the best prices. Frequently, we’ve seen clients who are bumping right against a firm deadline and must pay additional rush shipping costs. These costs are almost always avoidable if the order is placed earliest. Rather than waiting until the week before, take the time to plan with your promotions partner to map out of a schedule for what you’ll need, when you should submit designs, and when it should be ordered. Say goodbye to the overnight shipping charges!

Third, planning your marketing and promotional budget will help you make wiser choices with your money. Time is the most valuable resource in the world. As the old saying goes, “Time is the only thing they’re not making any more of!” Allowing yourself time to make the wisest choice will help you be aware of all your options and identify areas where you might be able to maximize your dollars.

At Connections Promotional Products, we place a significant value on investing in a relationship with our clients. We’d be honored to assist you with your yearly planning! Please feel free to reach out online or by calling 423-364-7343, and we’d be happy to map out the entire year with you.

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Living an active life

Business Spotlight: Lookout Valley Chiropractic

Join us as we highlight our business of the month, Lookout Valley Chiropractic.

Lookout Valley Chiropractic is a locally owned business with their offices located at 3536 Cummings Hwy #120, Chattanooga. Their history dates back to 1997. Neil Kjos graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1997 and then moved to Lookout Valley to open his new chiropractic office. In 2017, after twenty years in practice, Dr. Kjos decided to follow a new direction in life but still wanted Lookout Valley Chiropractic to continue to serve the needs of the community. Dr. Kjos and Dr. Matthew Lester met that same year and quickly realized that the two had the same vision for the office and came to an agreement to transition the ownership of the practice.

Professional, customized scrubsThe mission of Lookout Valley Chiropractic is to provide natural, medicine free, and affordable pain relief and to inspire members of the Chattanooga community to lead a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. They do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Each patient is treated on an individual basis. Their goal is to create a welcoming environment.

These ladies will be there to greet you wearing their customized scrubs, adding a different level of professionalism to their office and uniformity to their appearance.

Stop by and see Lookout Valley Chiropractic or give them a call at 423-825-5252 for a personalized approach to improve your health.


Do you want to add visual branding through the use of apparel but are not sure how to start? Contact us at 423-364-7343 or email kay@cppproducts.com.

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