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MegaphoneTime to kick off your 2013 marketing plan… Whether soccer, baseball, softball, basketball or football, make sure you have a presence at each and every game with this megaphone/popcorn container.  Either donate this to your favorite team for a fundraiser or just use it as a giveaway. This is sure to leave a long lasting impression!

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Valuable customers

I would like to pose the question to you, “Are all of your customers valuable?”  The first thought that might come to mind is that the good ones are but I don’t know if I want the problem customers.  I am sure that is how we all feel at some point.  Let’s look at this in a different light and ask the question, “Who is most vocal about their experiences?”  Ah yes, now it is a much different picture.  Unfortunately our “good” customers often rock along peacefully not saying much until there is an issue.

conflict resolutionIt is proven that customers that are dissatisfied with something tend to tell everyone very quickly.  If the problem isn’t resolved, the intensity of the problem increases exponentially and even more people hear about it.  The key to turning that customer into a satisfied customer is in your hands.  Handle it quickly and fairly and you will probably just have a misunderstanding and a customer that appreciates your willingness to take care of them.  Handle it poorly and you will probably lose that customer and countless people will hear how terrible you and your company are.

Conflict is inevitable so while you are creating your business plan for 2013, make sure to include a company standard as to how to handle and resolve conflict and remember that “all” customers are valuable.


Hand crafted leather products

020Call for details on these items.  Keep an eye on our website for a new section titled Hand Crafted for hand crafted items from local artists as well as other Made in America hand crafed items.  Guranteed to be one of a kind for that special gift for a business associate or valued employee.


Clean up with trade show giveaways for 2013

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