Made in America: Building Brand Recognition While Helping to Build Our Country …

7-1-16 photo made in americaI am sure you have all heard people make comments about how nothing is “Made in America” any longer.

The truth is, the United States still makes about three-quarters of all the manufactured goods (including components) it consumes, according to a prominent global-management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

Buying products that are “Made in America” has quite a few benefits for our economy and our nation as a whole.

When you buy goods “Made in America”:

  • You help keep the American economy growing by keeping production jobs in the country.
  • You help protect the environment because American production is highly regulated.
  • You help create a more stable economy.
  • You insure a much higher safety standard so that you and your family can have fun without worrying about possible safety concerns.
  • You are supporting the growth of our economy through the creation of jobs.

As you can see, buying “Made in America” products has a number of advantages for you as a business owner and for your country. These products can be found in more places than one might think.

July is our “Made in America” month. During the month of July we will be featuring “Made in America” products as well as local “homegrown” businesses. Check out just some of the products that we are proud to offer or contact us for a more comprehensive list of products!

Support your country while increasing your brand recognition. You can make a difference.

Allied Eye: Business Spotlight

6-20-16 Susan in France photo IMG_0926Allied Eye of Chattanooga provides you and your family with complete eye care, including common surgeries and procedures such as premium cataract surgery, monitoring and possible prevention of glaucoma, and LASIK surgery. They can and will provide you and your family with the best overall ophthalmology care.

Allied Eye’s main doctor, Dr. Dennis C. Matzkin, has been working at LASIK and Vision Centers across the country since 1995. He has treated many prominent people throughout his work experience, including President Carter’s children Amy and Chip, world archery champion Jesse Moorehead, and many of his own colleagues and their families. He is known as a well-respected lecturer and publisher in the field of ophthalmology.

Allied Eye has recently opened a full service optical shop known as Allied Optical Shop. This shop not only offers contact lenses and quality frames for their customers, but they also offer proven brands of optical eyewear that leave customers satisfied. Allied Optical Shop strives to make sure that each customer’s optical needs are met, regardless of whether you’re at home, enjoying festivals or concerts, or traveling abroad.

6-20-16 Post Allied Eye glasses in a bagIMG_3173

For more information about how the business puts your optical needs first, visit their webpage at Visit Allied Optical Shop today to talk to them about your new glasses.

Allied Optical shop has your new glasses in the bag.

Generating Recognition for Your Brand at Home and Abroad

Riverbend is a well-known music festival that takes place annually in Chattanooga, TN. The festival receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and commands regional, national, and international attention. What a great venue for your business to take advantage of the sheer volume of people to build brand awareness.

6-10-16 Michael Picture IMG_0924Building brand awareness and recognition can be easily achieved at events like Riverbend using a few different tools. First, highly visible, and useful items with your name or logo or them, such as koozies, sunglasses, fans, or Frisbees, can leave the consumer with a practical item they can use while leaving them with an image of your company. The koozies and fans can help keep the consumers and their favorite beverage cool during the warm week in June, while sunglasses and Frisbees are used on a daily basis, reminding the consumer of your company. Then couple product with social media to invoke a response from the consumers. Include coupons to create interaction between you and the potential customer.

The possibilities are endless for your business to increase brand awareness and recognition at outdoor events like this! For more information about effective tools that you can use, call us at (423) 364-7343 or visit us online at

How to Reach 140 Million People While Having Fun …

Would you like to reach 48% of the American public with your marketing? Do you like being outdoors?

Last year 48% of the American population participated in at least one outdoor activity. That activity is not only great for the overall health of America, but it gives businesses an opportunity to reach that market. Here are some thoughts.

  • Young people (6-24) favor running, jogging, trail running, bicycling, skateboarding, surfing, and birdwatching.
  • The adult sector (25+ years old) favors running and jogging, fishing, bicycling, hiking, and camping.
  • Over the past 3 years, four outdoor activities have had at least a 20% growth, including adventure racing, non-traditional/off- road triathlon, stand-up paddling, and kayak fishing.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts find it easier to stick with their exercise habit outdoors.
  • Outdoor activities account for millions of dollars of promotional items that have a practical application.

So, business owners, pay close attention to not only the activities, but the demographics to know how to prepare a marketing plan for your target audience.

Increase your visibility to potential outdoor customers by visiting Outdoor Necessities.

Building Relationships: Happy 10th Anniversary, Greyhaven Realty Management

Happy 10th anniversary to Greyhaven Realty Management!


Greyhaven’s special giveaways

A full-service agency for rentals and real estate in and around Chattanooga, Greyhaven Realty Management manages residential and commercial rental properties. So whether you are renting or buying, they can help you find a place for your business or a place for your family.

If you are an owner/investor but don’t want the hassle of answering tenants’ phone calls when something breaks, Greyhaven Realty Management will be glad to manage your properties for you. If you are a buyer and don’t see what you want on their website listings, give them a call. Their people have more than 20 years’ experience in Chattanooga real estate.


10th Anniversary celebration with owner Joni Eldredge

What makes Greyhaven Realty Management stand out from the rest? It is a philosophy that owner Joni Eldredge practices every day: building relationships. Greyhaven Realty Management is committed not only to serve their owners and tenants but also to building relationships. Joni only selects promotional products that are effective in helping her build relationships.

Pictured here is their 10th Anniversary open house, complete with friends, business associates, food, drink and special giveaways for all.

Congratulations, Greyhaven Property Management! Give them a call to find out what property management done the right way looks like, (423) 648-6676.

Can Your Company Benefit from Chattanooga’s Tremendous Tourism Growth?

Generally, people come to the Chattanooga area to “get away from it all”. Some are drawn to major attractions such as the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel or the Civil War national military parks. Others come for a weekend outdoor getaway with the family. As wonderful as this new tourism is for the city of Chattanooga, I know what you’re thinking. “So how does this “getaway” help my business?”

First, the sheer number of tourists coming to the city over the course of the year creates a bigger and more diverse customer base. Over 2 million hotel room nights were booked in the metro area in 2014, giving your business the chance to interact with and potentially sell to these customers. Secondly, tourists who come here specifically to visit some of Chattanooga’s more well-known attractions, such as the Tennessee Aquarium or the Creative Discovery Museum, will at some point on their trip be looking for other things to do and other places to explore. That’s where you come in. Many tourists will look for businesses that are unique to the area or offer something they cannot obtain from their hometown. Lastly, outdoor tourism is a major facet of Chattanooga’s tourism appeal. It is not easy to put a dollar amount or a tangible number on how many tourists participated in outdoor activities, but the average tourist is not short of choices, with Chattanooga offering rock climbing, kayaking, mountain bikers, trail running, and many other outdoor activities.

You may view the increase in tourism in the city of Chattanooga as just another number to portray the city in a good light for the rest of the country, but it can be used as a building block to interact with potential customers and increase your brand recognition throughout the southeast and the country. Are you using the right marketing products to reach this market?

Connections Promotional Products…”Connecting you to new business”

How Do You Know If Your Promotional Products Are Working? – And the Winners Are …

In our blog series last month, we looked at a few proven methods for tracking the value of a promotional product for your business.

We learned that “Engagement = Interaction,” and we received a number of comments on how logoed bags have worked for many of you.

We also learned that “Impressions = Visibility,” and many of you shared how you have used promotional products to engage your customers.

Based on a random drawing of readers who shared their comments last month, I’m pleased to announce the proud winners of a JOLT stainless steel tumbler:




How do you know your promotional items are working?

“We use promotional products a little differently. The products we use are to communicate with our owners and renters. Because we were continually looking for new ways to let our tenants know when we will be inspecting, we have included a magnet in their move-in package with their inspection dates circled. This saves us time and allows us to better serve our tenants.” – Joni Eldredge, Greyhaven Realty Management Company




How have you used logoed bags to reach your customers?

“Allied Eye is expanding our services to include an optical shop. Allied Optional Shop is a shop for our customers to purchase their custom glasses and other optical necessities. We have found a customized brown paper bag that is attractive and earth friendly for our customers to take their glasses home.” – Susan, Allied Optical Shop

We at Connections Promotional Products partner with our customers to creatively use products in their marketing plan.

How Do You Know If Your Promotional Products Are Working? – Tip #2: A Closer Look at Logoed Bags

Over the years I have heard many names for promotional products and many different opinions as to whether they are a waste of time and money. How do you know if your promotional products are working?

During the month of April we are looking at proven methods of tracking the value of a promotional product. Today’s blog is the second in this series.

Logoed bags have staying power


Proven Method #2: Impressions = Visibility

Here are some facts that you may want to consider. According to a 2014 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 34% of U.S. consumers own logoed bags. In the West, 61% of consumers who have a logoed bag say they are more likely to do business with the advertiser and 36% in the Southeast are more likely to do business with the advertiser.

Bags have a staying power of 24 months, and at 5,700+ impressions they create a higher visibility than any other promotional item in the U.S. Locally sourced shopping bags start as low at $0.99 each.

How have bags worked for you? Like us on Facebook and comment how bags have worked for you. Comment and win … we will draw from comments given on April 15th, 25th and 30th. Winners will receive a JOLT stainless steel tumbler.

How Do You Know If Your Promotional Products Are Working?

Over the years I have heard many names for promotional products and many different opinions as to whether promotional products are a waste of time and money. How do you know if your promotional products are working?

During the month of April we will look at proven methods of tracking the value of a promotional product.

Proven Method #1: Engagement = Interaction

ServPro of Chattanooga has the right idea. They found a product that matched what they do, that is fun, and is engaging. The concept is easy … if people want to come to your booth and have fun while there, they are much more likely to want to enter into a conversation. Engagement=interaction. ServPro tied their product to their tagline … ”Like it never even happened”.

How have you engaged your customers using products? Like us on Facebook and share how you have used products to engage your customers. Comment and win … we will draw from comments given on the 15th, 25th and 30th. Winners will receive a JOLT stainless steel tumbler.

Golf is in the air … Special pricing on golf gifts that WORK!

With golf season in full swing, Connections Promotional Products is offering special pricing on ProV1 golf balls as well as several tournament giveaways. This is your chance to make your next golf tournament a success, with golf gifts that WORK!



Tall Golf Tees

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