Business Spotlight: International Furniture Supply

This month we are excited to feature International Furniture Supply, Inc., located in Cleveland, TN.  

International Furniture Supply has been family owned and operated by the Frees family since 1977. Charles “Chuck” Frees commitment to excellence in the furniture supply industry began years earlier than this when he began Paragon Sales, which supplied upholstery materials for buyers. A desire to best serve his customers led to the merger of Paragon Sales with International Furniture supply in 1988. Patrick Frees is committed to carrying on his family’s legacy of supplying international brands as though they were neighbors, with a commitment to efficiency, value, and quality.

While the furniture industry has changed drastically since 1977, International Furniture Supply continues to evolve as well. Through these changes, one thing that will never change is their effort to provide competitive pricing with unmatched customer service to their clients. When you talk to their office, you won’t be speaking with middle management- there isn’t any. International Furniture Supply cares about their customers.

For their long term customers, they have chosen to use branded stainless steel tumblers to show their appreciation and continued commitment.

Like these tumblers and want to find out more about similar options for your business? Connections Promotional Products is happy to help you with matching branded product and apparel to your marketing plan.  Give us a call at 423-364-7343 or email us at 

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Business Spotlight – Coffee News Chattanooga

The mission of your local Coffee News® is to strengthen your community by promoting small and medium-sized businesses and bringing awareness to local non-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Randy and Vanessa Cole purchased the local Coffee News® franchise in January 2008. They discovered the Coffee News® franchise on the website as one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States. They thought it was a cool little paper and started doing research on the franchise. Both Randy and Vanessa were in law enforcement, but had wanted to own their own business for some time.

Randy and Vanessa published their first edition in February 2008 in Dalton, GA. Since then, they have added editions and now have six editions from Dalton, GA, all the way to Chattanooga, TN. Their motivation is hearing all of the positive comments from their weekly readers and helping people grow their own companies with affordable advertising.  This is exactly what Coffee News® offers.

Everything in Coffee News® is fun and entertaining — no bad news here. It is a big breath of fresh air to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only bad news. Coffee News® is positive. It provides the “other side of the news,” something that makes people SMILE!

Over 725 editions of Coffee News® are printed every week all across the United States and in 52 other countries! You can join the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy reading Coffee News® each week.

Advertisers reap benefits unseen from other newspaper advertising, from our unique publication, and monthly “Find the Coffee Man” contest, which is so very popular among the many who read Coffee News®.

Vanessa and Randy often share with their customers the importance of using multiple marketing formats to increase their visibility, including promotional giveaways.  What better product to go with their paper than a Coffee News Mug? Vanessa stated, “Coffee News loves the quality of mugs we get from CPP.  We use them at vendor events and expos. We use them as gifts for our clients and in promotional giveaways.”

Check out how you might grow your business through Coffee News advertising.


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Business Spotlight: Marie King/Keller Williams Realtor “Connecting Chattanooga”

Marie King

Our Business Spotlight for May 2019 focuses on Marie King/Keller Williams Realtor.  Marie is a local businesswoman who not only has a passion for Chattanooga but has a passion for service.  Recently when a friend asked Marie how she was, the answer that came out was “living my best life ever!”

Marie loves what she does – serving others. Her favorite title is “MOM.” Rachel and Nathan are the reason.

Marie believes that giving back to the Chattanooga community is important. She has served with the Chattanooga area Chamber of Commerce on the Southside board for six years and will be president of that council in July 2019. In addition to being a Chattanooga Leadership alum and TN Realtors’ Leadership grad, she also has the privilege of currently serving as a coach and trainer of other local realtors. Marie attends Calvary Chapel Chattanooga, where she has had the honor of being a part of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program twice a year for the past seven years.

As a business professional, Marie has grown her nineteen-year career as a Chattanooga realtor with repeat and referred clients. Her marketing strategy includes networking and treating whomever she meets as she would like to be treated.  She works with both buyers and sellers, relying on making a good impression and leaving something with her customers that is functional and that lets them know she cares. Marie commented that she has relied on branding and marketing to those same people to assure they will think of me when they have a real estate need. Probably the most versatile branded product that she uses is a reusable shopping tote.  Her customers love it!

Looking for a home?  Give Marie King a call.  Need functional branded marketing products that will make you stand out from the crowd?  Contact us at:

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Business Spotlight: Lift Media Group can be “Your Communications Department”

Our business spotlight for April is Lift Media Group.

Wish you had your own communications department? You can with Lift Media Group! They pride themselves in being “Your Communications Department” to the growing family of clients. Business owners and top organizational leaders may feel overwhelmed by their own marketing efforts and are running low on time, support, or expertise. The Lift Media team hear concerns like, “If I just had more time …” or “There’s just so much to be done and so few of us …” or “Why aren’t I seeing the results I want?”

Lift Media Group works to remove common barriers to successful marketing by providing the gift of time, support and expertise to their clients through the form of a new team member. In fact, as their communications department, Lift Media strives to become the most trusted team member of every organization they serve. Marketing, public relations, and advertising tend to be one of the best time-multipliers for businesses and organizations because it frees managers and leaders to do what they’re best at by allowing an experienced, cross-trained team to tackle problems clearly, effectively, and efficiently.

For their promotional events we helped Lift Media Group create a Lift Media Group promotional mugs, headphones standing retractable banner and branded table cloth that communicate their purpose and services. As special leave-behind gifts, they chose these popular folding headphones with microphone and one of the many ceramic mug styles we offer, promoting their services well beyond the initial conversation.

Lift Media Group specializes in digital and traditional marketing services such as social media content and advertising; website design, content writing and management; and marketing strategy, as well as public relations services like press release development, dissemination, and strategy. They take a different approach from many agencies because they see themselves as an extended member of your team, supporting the specific needs of your specific team members. This advantage is not always possible with many “outside” marketing agencies that only offer cookie-cutter services. That means that they value a relationship with their clients because they want to know what is most important to them as business owners and leaders. They have a transparent analytics process so that they align efforts with results and optimize work for maximum return on investment. Their nimble team is best at serving medium-sized businesses and growing organizations that need added bandwidth and expertise.

If marketing frustrations are real in your world, would it make sense to talk to Lift Media Group? Reach out to them at Working with them has been a delight; we’d love to work with you as well – or 423-364-7343.

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City Café and Diner

Business Spotlight: City Café and Diner

Our business spotlight for March is City Café and Diner.

City Café and Diner is Chattanooga’s answer to a classic diner. They have three locations to serve you: Downtown Chattanooga, Lee Highway, and Cleveland. At their downtown location, step back in time to the 50’s era diner with over 450 menu items that you won’t soon forget. Want to take a piece of Chattanooga back home with you? Choose from a number of souvenir items to take with you, ranging from branded stainless-steel tumblers to playing cards that highlight their world-class desserts.

Check out the Lee Hwy and Cleveland locations for the same wonderful food and hospitality. With desserts ranging from cheesecake, cakes, pies and pastries that include baklava, cannoli, and more, you just have to take a piece home! City Café and Diner knows how to brand their restaurant with specialty foods.

City Café and Diner not only knows their food, but they also know the value of brand recognition. Connections Promotional Products can help you carry your brand forward using branded marketing products and apparel. We are proud to work alongside City Café and Diner in their marketing efforts and would be happy to talk with you.

City Cafe shirt back

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Internal products at Interactive ID

Business Spotlight: Interactive ID

branded wine tumblerThis month we would like to spotlight a local website design company. Interactive ID, Inc. designs and builds websites for companies and small businesses around the Southeast. They offer SEO services to help clients appear higher in Google search results, as well as providing graphic design, printing, and other marketing support services.

Owner William Wilkinson gives us insight into what drives his company. “In order to do anything in life you have to foster a relationship that allows two people to interact with each other,” he says. “Communication is very key in what we do. It can make or break a website’s success. As we are interacting, we are trying to identify your clients’ needs as well as yours. We consult with your company to not just design a website for your company, but we are also designing a website that speaks to your clients and customers and gets results.”

In-house brand marketing is an important part of their sales process. They have their logo and brand identity featured on illuminated pens, mugs, and stainless steel wine tumblers. These are offered to clients during meetings, conferences and as thank you gifts. Check out Interactive ID for your web marketing and branding needs (888-623-1891).

Are you ready to expand your marketing plan through the use of products and apparel? We are here to help! With nine years of industry experience, we will work with you and your company to find the correct fit for your marketing plan.

Connections Promotional Products – – 423-364-7343

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Living an active life

Business Spotlight: Lookout Valley Chiropractic

Join us as we highlight our business of the month, Lookout Valley Chiropractic.

Lookout Valley Chiropractic is a locally owned business with their offices located at 3536 Cummings Hwy #120, Chattanooga. Their history dates back to 1997. Neil Kjos graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1997 and then moved to Lookout Valley to open his new chiropractic office. In 2017, after twenty years in practice, Dr. Kjos decided to follow a new direction in life but still wanted Lookout Valley Chiropractic to continue to serve the needs of the community. Dr. Kjos and Dr. Matthew Lester met that same year and quickly realized that the two had the same vision for the office and came to an agreement to transition the ownership of the practice.

Professional, customized scrubsThe mission of Lookout Valley Chiropractic is to provide natural, medicine free, and affordable pain relief and to inspire members of the Chattanooga community to lead a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. They do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Each patient is treated on an individual basis. Their goal is to create a welcoming environment.

These ladies will be there to greet you wearing their customized scrubs, adding a different level of professionalism to their office and uniformity to their appearance.

Stop by and see Lookout Valley Chiropractic or give them a call at 423-825-5252 for a personalized approach to improve your health.


Do you want to add visual branding through the use of apparel but are not sure how to start? Contact us at 423-364-7343 or email

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landscaped home pool and yard

Business Spotlight: Southern Roots Landscaping

Branded apparel … more than just the clothes your employees wear.

Southern Roots Landscaping logoOur business spotlight this month focuses on Southern Roots Landscaping in Ooltewah, TN. A woman-owned company, they offer landscaping and hardscaping services for commercial and residential properties. All crew leaders with Southern Roots Landscaping are ICPI certified with years of industry experience.

From lawn maintenance to hardscape design and installation, they ensure the highest quality work, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! For their full range of services, give them a call at (423) 682-7336 or visit their services page.

What does Southern Roots Landscaping think of the apparel and car signs that they use? Here is what co-owner and CFO Tim Maddox has to say.

Southern Roots landscaping“Brand is important and should be developed both consistently and be visible. There are several reasons we use branded apparel and other branded items in our business.”

  1. Professional image: Customers comment on how professional they look which leads to customer confidence.
  1. Customer service: Potential new customers recognize their logo and call them with referrals. They equate the brand with customer service.
  1. Advertising/Brand recognition/t-shirts: People often approach them about new jobs because of their shirts and caps. The apparel makes it easy for people to know how to contact them.

Southern Roots Landscaping knows the value of using their logo wisely to enhance their brand. What about your business?  What image are you presenting to the public? Let us help. Give us a call at (423) 364-7343 or email us at to increase your brand recognition.

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Wood flooring at home

Business Spotlight: Equity Solutions

“We Will Floor You”

Joining us on Chattanooga’s Southside

Equity Solutions is a locally owned and operated flooring company that values honesty and integrity and treats your home as if it were their own. With 30 years’ experience in the flooring industry, they are the professionals that you need to talk with before flooring your home or office.

This great company offer a variety of flooring options, as well as professional installation:

    • luxury vinyl plank (LVP)Happy customer of Equity Solutions
    • luxury vinyl tile (LVT)
    • hardwood
    • engineered wood
    • carpet

They pride themselves on the quality of their work, as well as their commitment to outstanding results. Equity Solutions looks forward to building lasting relationships. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!

Pictured here is a happy customer who stopped by Equity Solutions’ booth at a recent hospitality vendor fair. This multi-functional tape measure was just the product to complete their marketing plan. The event was a great success. Look for them at their upcoming new showroom at 3425 Alton Park Blvd. in Chattanooga. Call them at (423) 779-7860.

Want your event to be a success? Talk with us about how to match product to your next event.

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Business Spotlight: Happy 40th Anniversary, JHM Certified Public Accountants!

img_4489Congratulations to JHM Certified Public Accountants! On December 1, 2016, friends, customers, and business acquaintances gathered to celebrate 40 years of serving business and nonprofit clients across the Chattanooga region.

JHM specializes in accounting, auditing and tax services in a diverse range of industries throughout Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia, including construction, healthcare organizations, non-profit & governmental entities, real estate, employee benefit plans and other industries.

They believe in supporting the local community and encouraging their team members to participate in community groups by giving of their time, talents and treasure. The firm also supports many local charities through fund raisers, volunteering, direct contributions and service on boards.

The 40th anniversary celebration was made even more meaningful with their recent move to a spacious new location off Shallowford Road and their recent merger with Hixson CPA firm Mann & Miller PC, two changes that will allow JHM to continue providing the highest quality services.

img_4480We were honored to be able to help with the celebration with stemless wine glasses and frosted tumblers that could go home with all.

Stop by and have a cup of coffee to plan for 2017 and see what makes the most tax sense for you or your company.

JHM Certified Public Accountants

“Where you are more than a number…”