Starting 2020 With A Clear Direction

Your company’s marketing budget is already in motion for 2020, so how can you utilize it well for marketing? Here are a few questions you might want to consider.

Some things to think about at the start of 2020:

  • Did you buy products last year that stayed in the closet or were they asked for?
  • Did you reach your target audience?
  • Did those products generate discussion and interaction? Were they clever, quality, or best of show?
  • How long were they kept?
  • When ordering, did you worry about receiving a product on time and what it would look like when it got to you?
  • How much money did you spend in employee hours researching products?

Looking back to move forward makes perfect sense.

Do you want to make 2020 a more profitable year for your business? Your profit will be in the detail. Schedule a time to chat with us about your 2020 plan.

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