How Visible Could Your Brand Become?

Bags from a clothing store. Pencils in an office tray. Ball caps on kids on a field trip. The brands and taglines we see on promotional products like these leave an impression on us. The greater the impression, the more the brand has raised its visibility.

Visibility in the advertising and marketing world refers to how many times you are seen in different markets and many places. So, how does branded apparel increase your brand’s visibility?

A couple of years ago my son attended a chamber luncheon with me. He was a graduate assistant to the UTC Mocs basketball team and was going to be graduating with his master’s degree soon.  It was important for him to talk to people now about his future. He came to the luncheon wearing his embroidered Mocs shirt.

As we walked in, the first person to whom I introduced him was a local banker. You may be thinking, “How can a banker help with a future coaching career?” Well, the first question he asked my son was, “Are you with the Mocs?” This started a discussion in which the banker stated that he knew various coaches with colleges and schools in the area. He was willing to help my son make connections. The next person to whom I introduced my son had almost the exact same response.

That’s visibility through apparel.  But what about visibility and merchandising?

How many times have you gone somewhere on vacation and taken a souvenir hat or shirt home with you, or better yet, how many times have you won apparel at a golf tournament? Businesses spend millions of dollars each year on branded apparel to make sure that they are remembered for years to come.

Increasing your visibility through the use of apparel is a marketing strategy that will not only yield a great return on your investment but will also provide your company visibility for many years to come. We are your apparel partner that understands the importance of branded apparel throughout your marketing plan. From uniforms to merchandising, we can help.

Connections Promotional Products can unleash your branded strategy through increased visibility.

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