How to Encourage Golfers So They Will Remember You

“A professional, well-dressed golfer . . . gives the impression that he thinks that the golf course and the people there are important.” – Lorii Myers

Golf tournaments are not that different from other events. When you give away something of quality that matches your company’s purpose, you leave a lasting positive impression with your audience. When planning a tournament, focus on the impression of importance it will have on the players.

Goal: The primary reason for golf tournament gifts is to improve the event and retain players for next year’s event. Even when you get your gifts donated, if players just throw them away, they have cost you more than you realize.

Successful Golf Gifts

  • Choose Golf Gifts over Non-Golf Gifts – Put something in the goody bag that they will actually use when golfing and will remind them each time they use it while playing.
  • Choose Subtle Logos over Large Logos – If you want players to wear an item, use subtle logos. Golfers want small logos or no logo at all, so keep it subtle.
  • Choose 2 or 3 Small Prizes over 1 Big Item – If you give one large gift, it is highly likely that you will miss many of the participants. Have several smaller, quality items.

Suggestions for a Positive Impact:

  • Make it a kit! No setups, multiple logos, and multiple products. Under $10, Shoe Tote Golf Kit, or talk to us about creating your own.
  • Embroidered cap with the golf course logo on the front and the event name on the back or side.
  • Golf glove with the event name on the patch.
  • Microfiber pocket towel with your logo embroidered in the corner.
  • Ball markers with a simple logo.

Whether it is a golf tournament or a marketing product for your business, the basic principles are the same.  Know your audience, understand what is important to them, and match the product to your event.

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