Business Spotlight: Lift Media Group can be “Your Communications Department”

Our business spotlight for April is Lift Media Group.

Wish you had your own communications department? You can with Lift Media Group! They pride themselves in being “Your Communications Department” to the growing family of clients. Business owners and top organizational leaders may feel overwhelmed by their own marketing efforts and are running low on time, support, or expertise. The Lift Media team hear concerns like, “If I just had more time …” or “There’s just so much to be done and so few of us …” or “Why aren’t I seeing the results I want?”

Lift Media Group works to remove common barriers to successful marketing by providing the gift of time, support and expertise to their clients through the form of a new team member. In fact, as their communications department, Lift Media strives to become the most trusted team member of every organization they serve. Marketing, public relations, and advertising tend to be one of the best time-multipliers for businesses and organizations because it frees managers and leaders to do what they’re best at by allowing an experienced, cross-trained team to tackle problems clearly, effectively, and efficiently.

For their promotional events we helped Lift Media Group create a Lift Media Group promotional mugs, headphones standing retractable banner and branded table cloth that communicate their purpose and services. As special leave-behind gifts, they chose these popular folding headphones with microphone and one of the many ceramic mug styles we offer, promoting their services well beyond the initial conversation.

Lift Media Group specializes in digital and traditional marketing services such as social media content and advertising; website design, content writing and management; and marketing strategy, as well as public relations services like press release development, dissemination, and strategy. They take a different approach from many agencies because they see themselves as an extended member of your team, supporting the specific needs of your specific team members. This advantage is not always possible with many “outside” marketing agencies that only offer cookie-cutter services. That means that they value a relationship with their clients because they want to know what is most important to them as business owners and leaders. They have a transparent analytics process so that they align efforts with results and optimize work for maximum return on investment. Their nimble team is best at serving medium-sized businesses and growing organizations that need added bandwidth and expertise.

If marketing frustrations are real in your world, would it make sense to talk to Lift Media Group? Reach out to them at Working with them has been a delight; we’d love to work with you as well – or 423-364-7343.

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